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 Chapter describing the family and educational background of children of Cypriot immigrant origin, in a book written for school-teachers.


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 Outlines the background and organisation of the Cypriot community in Britain.


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 Detailed social and demographic analysis of the post-war migration from Cyprus to Britain: of the factors giving rise to it, and also of patterns of Cypriot settlement in Britain.


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 Analyses the family composition of post-war Cypriot migrants to Britain, and the impact of kinship, patronage and government controls in the process of migration.


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 Outlines traditional family patterns in Cyprus together with changes taking place in the British context.


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 Examines the official government mechanisms used to try to regulate the migration of Cypriots to Britain during the 1930s.


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  Describes and explains changes in the geographical distribution of Cypriots in Britain, and particularly within Greater London.


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 Describes the history of migration from Cyprus to Britain prior to the Second World War, and the factors giving rise to it.


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 Provides an overview of the history, demography and the socio-economic and cultural characteristics of the Turkish population in Cyprus.







“Cypriot Settlement in London between the Wars, 1919-1939”, unpublished paper, re-edited 2011, 16pp.


Documents the growth and character of Cypriot settlement in London prior to WW2, including locations, employment, businesses and early community organisation.


“Settlers from Mainland Turkey in Northern Cyprus: a research note”, Centre for the Study of Community and Race Relations, Brunel University, 1985, 24pp.  


Examines the evidence relating to the scale and distribution of settlement from mainland Turkey in Northern Cyprus in the years following the de facto partition of the island in 1974.


"Cypriot Migration to Britain: Researching the Early Decades", paper prepared for Greek Diaspora Archive, Kings College, University of London, February 2015, 11pp.


Recounts the 1960s origins and subsequent development of the author's research on Cypriot migration and settlement in Britain, and describes the materials deposited in the Greek Diaspora Archive.


"Cypriot Migration to Britain: Records of the Early Decades", powerpoint presentation for the launch of the Greek Diaspora Archive, Cyprus High Commission, London, 7 September 2015


For further information about and access to the materials deposited in the Greek Diaspora Archive at King's College, London, see: http://www.kingscollections.org/catalogues/kclca/collection/o/oakley-r-e/